BCPS Custom-built School Websites

BCPS School SEO Marketing provide modern, bespoke school websites that will aid delivery of your key information, while maintaining and promoting its unique identity and ethos.

By working closely with you on all stages of the SEO planning, design and development, we can build a new school website that is visually appealing, intuitive and fully compliant to the latest W3C Web Standards.

BCPS Website Features include:

  • A robust, easy-to-use Content Management System
  • Online School Calendar
  • Digital Prospectus displayed in an interactive ‘page turning’ format
  • Viewing facilities for your promotional Video
  • Photo Galleries
  • Blogs & Social Media


BCPS School Website Design

The website is an increasingly important method and mode of representation for numerous businesses, ventures and people the world over and anything that stands as an establishment within the world is expected, and almost required to, possess website representation.

This is no more true than for the educational establishment of the school. However, an amateurish website can be less effective than possessing no website at all for a school and so an effective website design is required. It is in these instances that the services of school website design designers are required as their abilities, craft and skill in website design are invaluable hires for the schools.

The school website design web designers will construct the school website out of either CSS or HTML web design, either of which will best reflect the school itself and that will best represent the school upon the virtual landscape of the internet. This choice of either CSS or HTML will also be informed by the choices and the wants of the school who are recruiting the school website design designers as to what they feel will best reflect their school.

The school website is crafted and created by the school website design designers by the incorporation of a range of different web design methods, including that of various sounds, images, videos and also of interactive interfaces, that allows guests and visitors to the school website to be able to effectively navigate the school website. These images and videos could be specific as pertaining to the school and could, as an example, be images of the school mascot or events that have taken place at the school or, indeed, images of the school classrooms themselves. These choices will, again, be carried out by the school website design designers but will be informed by the managerial team of the school who will be allowed the final decision as to the images, et al, utilised.

The pricing system for the hiring of school website design designers is entirely dependent upon the level of work that they carry out upon the website. The level of work carried out by school website design designers is typically indicated as to whether they are merely crafting something such as a logo for the website, editing a pre-existing school website or crafting a school website from inception. These prices are typically offered by the school website design designers once clients have provided the wants and needs of design for their school website.


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